Endorsement: Peggy Moore for At-Large

peggyPeggy Moore‘s deep understanding of Oakland government, her organizing experience, and her support for inclusive transportation planning make her the right choice to transform the At-Large position into a consensus-building leadership role that will help Oakland tackle its many challenges with state and federal partnerships. Transport Oakland is thrilled to support Peggy Moore, and is excited to see what she’ll get done in the coming years. Read more

Endorsement: Nehanda Imara for District 7


Nehanda Imara brings savvy transportation policy expertise, deep East Oakland roots,  and fresh energy and ideas to the District 7 race. She’s a 30-year resident of East Oakland and has been an activist with Communities for a Better Environment for 10 years. Imara brings a strong focus on improving public safety to her campaign, and Transport Oakland is enthusiastic to endorse her for the District 7 seat. Read more

Endorsement: Noel Gallo for District 5

noelNoel Gallo is a pragmatic decision-maker, has been a steadfast champion of the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, and knows how to make things happen in Oakland. Gallo is the District 5 incumbent, has lived in Fruitvale since a child, and served on the Oakland School Board and worked for the City of Oakland before being elected to the District 5 seat in 2012. Transport Oakland is enthusiastic to endorse Noel Gallo for Oakland City Council District 5. Read more

Endorsement: Lynette Gibson McElhaney for District 3

lynetteA long-time resident of West Oakland and an affordable housing provider, Lynette Gibson McElhaney was elected to the City Council in 2012 and has served as the Council President since 2015. Lynette Gibson McElhaney shares our policy priorities for better and more inclusive transportation infrastructure, and has provided valuable, consensus-based leadership on the City Council. Transport Oakland is enthusiastic to endorse Lynette Gibson McElhaney for Oakland City Council District 3.
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Endorsement: Yes on Measure KK (Oakland Infrastructure Bond)

Any Oaklander knows that our streets are in terrible condition. With a paving backlog of almost $450 million, Oakland ranks 89th out of 106 bay area cities in paving quality. Oakland’s paving cycle is 85 years long – when most cities with roads in good repair have a paving cycle closer to 25 years. We need to shake up the funding status quo if we hope to have better streets in our lifetime, and that’s why Transport Oakland is supporting the $600 million Oakland Infrastructure Bond.
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Endorsement: Yes on C1 (AC Transit Parcel Tax)

AC Transit has been funding some of its operations and maintenance through a parcel tax since 2002, which provides $30 million per year to keep the buses running. Unlike state and federal funding sources which are unpredictable, highly restricted, and dwindling, this funding is locally controlled, meaning it gives AC Transit the stability and flexibility it needs to, among other things, prevent service cuts during lean revenue years for its 180,000 daily riders.

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