Board of Directors

Transport Oakland is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are charged with:
  • Creating and maintaining a policy platform to support improved transportation options in and around Oakland;
  • Carrying out any other duties needed to manage the ongoing operation of the organization.

Current Board:

  • Kevin Dalley
  • Shawn Danino
  • Megan Imperial
  • Caleb Jones
Anwar Baroudi

Anwar Baroudi is an Oakland resident whose experience with low vision (achromatopsia) drives him to help make Oakland its best and most accessible self. Alongside his work with Transport Oakland he advocates for better conditions for pedestrians and peoples with disability as Chair of Oakland’s Disability Commission, and is an active member with Traffic Violence Rapid Response. In his free time you can often find him taking any opportunity to go swing dancing, taking long walks, or cooking with friends.

Karen Buckmaster

Karen is a 13-year Oakland resident with a broad business administration background, serving most recently with non-profits as a board liaison. She brings a fervent passion for public transportation and leverages her skills and experience to support Transport Oakland’s mission in her beloved city. In her free time, you can find her exploring East Bay’s beautiful hiking trails or at an Oakland Roots game.

Ajah Burts

Ajah joins after settling down in the East Bay. They bring a fierce passion for the intersection of environmental action and equitable transportation. Ajah has experience with research, capacity building, volunteer management, data analysis, in the non-profit sector. Ajah loves discovering the landscapes the Bay Area has to offer on their steel bike.

Kuan Butts

Kuan Butts has been involved in Transport Oakland as a Board member since 2022. In addition, he has helped organize Traffic Violence Rapid Response since its formation that same year. Through both efforts, Kuan seeks to bring attention to the tragic costs of inadequate street safety, as well as how transit system design can either amplify or mitigate those conditions.

Alice Chen

Alice Chen is a long-time Oakland resident with over 30 years experience working as a multimodal transportation planning consultant throughout California. Alice is committed to the health, safety, and vitality of Oakland having raised two OUSD graduates. She is passionate about effecting positive change when it comes to mobility, sustainability, and social equity.

Warren Logan

Warren Logan is an Oakland resident with a strong history of public service and community engagement. Warren has worked in several public agencies including the City of Berkeley’s Transportation Division managing parking and travel demand management, the City and County of San Francisco managing shared mobility policy, and the Mayor’s Office of Oakland managing local, regional and state transportation policy. Personally, Warren enjoys riding his electric bike around Oakland, playing with his corgi QE and German Shepherd Frankie, and spending time with friends. Warren received his Master’s in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design in 2013 and his B.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy from Occidental College in 2011.