Board of Directors

Transport Oakland is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are charged with:
  • Creating and maintaining a policy platform to support improved transportation options in and around Oakland;
  • Carrying out any other duties needed to manage the ongoing operation of the organization.

Spring 2022: Transport Oakland Seeks Additional Board Members!

Erin McMillan, President (she/her)

Ben Kaufman, Board Member (he/him)

Grey Gardner, Board Member (he/him)

Liat Zavodivker, Board Member (she/her)

Lauren Parker, Board Member (she/her)

Enjoleah Daye, Board Member (she/her)

Warren Logan, Board Member (he/him)

Gordon Douglas, Board Member (he/him)

Gabi Brazzil, Board Member (she/her)

Kuan Butts, Board Member (he/him)