Endorsement: Noel Gallo for District 5

noelNoel Gallo is a pragmatic decision-maker, has been a steadfast champion of the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, and knows how to make things happen in Oakland. Gallo is the District 5 incumbent, has lived in Fruitvale since a child, and served on the Oakland School Board and worked for the City of Oakland before being elected to the District 5 seat in 2012. Transport Oakland is enthusiastic to endorse Noel Gallo for Oakland City Council District 5.

Gallo is a pragmatic decision maker who understands the power of progressive transportation projects to transform communities. We appreciate his championing of the East Bay BRT project, in particular the leadership he has provided on the BRT Policy Steering Committee. As anyone who has been paying attention to the BRT process knows, merchants along the corridor have been expressing deep concerns around BRT, and no council member has been more responsive than Gallo in making sure that the concerns merchants were raising were adequately addressed without slowing down the implementation of BRT. Gallo has consistently fought back against opposition on behalf of BRT and transit riders, recognizing how BRT is a critical component of a healthy, sustainable community.

Noel is willing to fight for what he believes in, and he knows how to make things happen in Oakland.

Use this map to find out if you’ll be able to vote for Gallo this November.

Thanks to the District 5 Endorsement committee led by Board Members Rachel Berger and Derek Levoit with volunteer Charlie Ream. Thank you!