Endorsement: Yes on C1 (AC Transit Parcel Tax)

AC Transit has been funding some of its operations and maintenance through a parcel tax since 2002, which provides $30 million per year to keep the buses running. Unlike state and federal funding sources which are unpredictable, highly restricted, and dwindling, this funding is locally controlled, meaning it gives AC Transit the stability and flexibility it needs to, among other things, prevent service cuts during lean revenue years for its 180,000 daily riders.

We’re excited about AC Transit’s future priorities for a parcel tax extension:

  • Keep fares reasonable for those most in need
  • Prioritize accessibility for seniors and the disabled,
  • Provide service to the places people work
  • Maintain frequent bus service.

There’s two years left before the current parcel tax, Measure VV sunsets, but this November is a good time to renew (think presidential election year voter turn-out).

Transport Oakland wholeheartedly endorses this measure as AC Transit provides a critical service to Oakland, the densest and largest city in the service area. Because Oakland has a “Transit First” policy and is adding residents and jobs, continuing and improving bus service through Measure C1 is a no-brainer.

Photo Credit: Sergio Ruiz