Transport Oakland is an advocacy organization dedicated to endorsing and supporting Oakland elected officials who advocate for great transportation in Oakland. Our vision is to achieve transportation infrastructure and policy that brings livability, vitality, sustainability, and equity to Oakland.

We achieve this vision by:

  1. Strengthening transport policymaking leadership
    • Support candidates who share our vision and values
    • Ensure that elected officials who share our vision benefit from their work on transportation and stay in office
    • Hold elected officials we support accountable to their commitments to our transportation vision
  2. Policy education
    • Train candidates on the nuances of transportation policies in Oakland, allowing more people to campaign with a deeper understanding of these issues, and ultimately elevating the depth and quality of discourse.
    • Educate candidates, elected officials, and the public on the complicated issues that affect transportation by “de-wonkifying” the subject through clear and accessible language.
  3. Support sound transportation policies
    • Engage our audience of self-selected transportation enthusiasts when targeted engagement can be effective
    • Leverage our credibility and resources to partner organizations for causes aligned with our vision
    • Create educational opportunities for elected officials and the general public