Find Your AC Transit District

Who represents you on AC Transit’s Board of Directors?

This map was created in Google Maps by Transport Oakland using data from AC Transit. Download the district boundaries here.

Ward 1

Joe Wallace, Director
(510) 891-7143

Ward 2 (Includes Oakland)

Greg Harper, Director
(510) 891-7145

Ward 3 (Includes Oakland)

Elsa Ortiz, Vice President
(510) 891-7211

Ward 4

Mark Williams, Director
(510) 891-7154

Ward 5

Jeff Davis, Director
(510) 891-7171

Director at Large  (Includes Oakland)

H. E. Christian Peeples, President
(510) 891-7151

Director at Large (Includes Oakland)

Joel B. Young, Director
(510) 891-7146