Election 2016

Local elections matter. We were proud to endorse the following candidates in the 2016 election.

November 2016 Oakland City Council

November 2016 Endorsees BART Board

Read more about why we’ve endorsed Rebecca and Lateefah.

November 2016 Endorsees AC Transit Board

Read more about why we’ve endorsed Chris and Greg.

November 2016 Measure Endorsements

Our Endorsement Process

Our endorsement process varies by electoral race, but generally includes the following steps.

  1. Develop platform of transportation policy issues.
  2. Develop and send questionnaire to all candidates who are running for office
  3. Review questionnaire responses and choose a subset who are most aligned with our policy platform to interviews
  4. Conduct interviews of selected candidates
  5. Select candidates to endorse (if 2/3 of our Board is in agreement)