AC Transit Endorsements

With a combined thirty-three years of service on the AC Transit Board, incumbent AC Transit Directors Chris Peeples and Greg Harper were easy choices for our endorsement.


At-Large: Chris Peeples

Currently the Board President, Chris brings a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice to his leadership on the Board. Chris lives and breathes public transportation, and it’s rare to find yourself at a regional or state meeting on the topic that he’s not also attending. In his words, the new Oakland Department of Transportation is “huge”, and we’re excited about his interest in applying what has worked well in other cities to better AC Transit’s relationship with the City of Oakland.

Ward 2: Greg Harper

Greg’s involvement in public transportation leadership dates back more than two decades. As an Emeryville City Councilmember, he was instrumental in the creation of the Emery Go-round shuttle. Greg also represents AC Transit on the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, serving as Board president and is very focused on the opportunity the new terminal will provide to expand AC Transit’s Transbay service. We love Greg’s interest in data-driven decision-making and the priority he places on increasing ridership.

Use this map to find out if you’ll be able to vote for one of these excellent candidates in November.

Our Endorsement Process

Board President Liz Brisson led the endorsement process for the AC Transit Board races with volunteer support from Jonathan Bair, Julia Schnell, and Brian Stanke. Volunteers helped develop the questionnaire, conduct interviews with the candidates, and make recommended endorsement decisions to the Transport Oakland Board.