Our Accomplishments

Past Victories

Election 2018

Oakland continues progress in improving transportation. In the 2018 election cycle Transport Oakland members educated candidates on our transportation vision and endorsed a slate of candidates who committed to our platform of supporting the implementation of OakDOT, broadening community input into transportation-related decisions, and supporting projects and processes that promote safe, multi-modal, street use. We succeeded in re-electing Mayor Libby Schaaf, who has demonstrated a firm commitment to sustainable and equitable transportation policies, leadership in establishing OakDOT, and strong advocacy on regional transportation priorities.

Election 2016

Mayors make a difference. City Councilmembers make a difference. And if we have to elect our transit boards, let’s make those elected positions matter, too. We endorse candidates who share our vision for great transportation in Oakland. This year, we’ve endorsed candidates running for the Oakland City Council, the BART Board of Directors, and the AC Transit Board of Directors, as well as three ballot measures. Read more.

Creating the Oakland Department of Transportation

OakDOT is here! In late May and early June, the Public Works Committee and City Council, each heard an update on which functions will move to the new department (including everything through 100% design, parking enforcement). It also unanimously approved a recommendation to enter into a contract with Nelson\Nygaard to support next steps in DOT formation including designating Principal Jeff Tumlin as Interim Director. Jeff is poised to begin his role on July 1, 2016. Read more.

Funding the Oakland Department of Transportation

Shortly after we endorsed and elected Mayor Libby Schaaf in 2014, the biennial budget process for the City of Oakland began. We endorsed Mayor Schaaf because she shared our vision for a Department of Transportation that could effectively develop and deliver transportation projects that bring safety, livability, and equity to Oakland. Mayor Schaaf proposed an Oakland DOT in her budget, and Council President Lynette McElhaney proposed it in hers. Our coalition members called, wrote emails, and spoke up at council meetings in support of the Department of Transportation proposal. In July 2015, the Oakland City Council approved funding for the creation of an Oakland Department of Transportation and approved an ordinance authorizing the creation of the new department.

2014 Political Endorsements

Transport Oakland endorsed candidates in the 2014 Oakland Mayoral and Districts 2, 4, and 6 City Council races. Our coalition administered questionnaires to all candidates who were registered, evaluated all responses received, chose a subset to interview, and reached consensus on the endorsement of Libby Schaaf for Mayor, Abel Guillen for District 2, Annie Campbell Washington for District 4, and Michael V. Johnson for District 6.

Our volunteers donated to and supported endorsed candidates through door-knocking, phone banking, and visibility actions, collectively providing more than 160 hours of volunteer hours. We we were thrilled to make transportation an issue in the November 2014 election and to elect into office Mayor Libby Schaaf and Councilmembers Abel Guillen and Annie Campbell Washington.