How do we Measure Equity for Oakland’s iBond?

In the first two months of 2017 Transport Oakland participated in an Infrastructure Bond Working Group, convened by the Mayor’s Office, along with representatives from over 30 community and business organizations. Over three meetings the group tried to tackle the hard question: How do we measure Equity, Mobility, and Resiliency when investing the $600 million raised by Measure KK (aka the iBond) over the next ten years? And how does that translate into actual projects that go into the City’s Capital Improvement Plan – aka the CIP?

So we Passed the iBond – What’s Next?

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Open Letter to City Council in Support of Oakland Infrastructure Bond

Dear Mayor Schaaf and Oakland City Council Members,

Oakland’s voters this November could have an historic opportunity to repave the City’s crumbling streets, to protect and expand affordable housing, and to upgrade community-serving facilities. But the people of Oakland will only get the chance to fix our city if the City Council agrees to put a $600 million infrastructure bond on the ballot.


The Infrastructure Bond, created together with City staff and community leaders, would dedicate $350 million to repairing our streets and sidewalks throughout Oakland, add $100 million for the restoration and preservation of long-term affordable housing across the City, and provide $150 million for long-overdue repairs to parks, community centers, libraries, and fire stations. We are urging the City Council to approve the infrastructure bond at their July 19th meeting for the benefit of all Oaklanders. Read more