Gordon Douglas

Gordon was raised in Davis, California, which probably has something to do with his lifelong commitment to cycling and sustainable urban design. After nearly two decades spent moving between Los Angeles, London, Chicago, and New York, he returned to Northern California in 2017, settling in Oakland’s Clinton neighborhood and quickly getting involved with community organizing around housing, development, and transportation here. Gordon received his doctorate in sociology from the University of Chicago and today is an assistant professor of urban and regional planning at San José State University, where he is also director of the Institute for Metropolitan Studies (he commutes by bike and rail). Gordon’s writing and photography have appeared in a wide range of publications, including his 2018 book The Help-Yourself City. He can also be found commenting on topics ranging from guerrilla bike lanes to neighborhood identity in theWashington PostLos Angeles Times, KQED Forum, Outside magazine, 99% Invisible, and news outlets around the Bay Area and beyond.