Transport Oakland NextGen meeting next Monday, 5/21

Join us at 6:00PM on 5/21 and be a part of Transport Oakland’s future

Transport Oakland invites all interested supporters to attend a meeting on Monday, May 21st from 6-8PM at the offices of Toole Design Group (1635 Broadway, Suite 200). You can find our meeting’s agenda here.

We are seeking a new board that can champion great transportation and policy in Oakland, and all are welcome. We want any new board for TO to make the organization their own and accomplish great things we would have never even imagined. At Monday’s meeting, we’ll cover how Transport Oakland’s board has worked in the past, what available resources our organization has for a new board, and brainstorm what the next generation of Transport Oakland would look like.

If you plan to attend, please contact or – you’ll need to contact us to get the access code to the building. Food and drink will be provided.

Thanks for reading and thank you for continuing to support great transportation in a great city.